Manage Team Permissions

Support Team May-19th, 2022 1:28 0 0

Managing permissions in TaskReviewer is easy through our web app (we will be bringing these controls into the extension soon!).

You can easily modify these permissions my going to My Account from the Browser extension, then clicking on the Team Tab on the left side of the screen (Admins and Account Owners only by default).

Create Review Permissions

By default all users (paid users) in your Teamwork account will have access to the review tool. This allows them to create reviews if you wish you can remove this permission by toggling the Create review option next to their name .

Invite External Users Permissions

Users do not have permission to invite guest reviewers by default. You can enable this by toggling the Invite External Reviewers switch

Manage Users Permissions

Manage Subscriptions Permissions

If you wish users to be able to manage billing/invoices and the current plan then you can enable manage subscription permissions


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